Stop fear mongering on the internet

I’m tired of social media. Man, I’m tired of the shit that pops up on my newsfeed. I’m friends with a bunch of activist-types, and don’t get me wrong, I love that. I love that I know people with that burning, that desire for change. People with their hearts in the right place.

But for God’s sake, please, please, please check your facts. Things are bad enough without your making it seem worse. Please don’t post an article with a sensational headline and extrapolate from there. Read the article. Do your research.

Please don’t post things that are straight up not fucking true and stir up both your outrage and the outrage of your fellow man, for all our sakes.

Please. Things are bad enough here on planet Earth, but even so, I’m glad we’re here. We are privileged. We are blessed.

It’s okay to accept your privilege. Say thank you. Be grateful and gracious. Use it to help if you can. It’s so much worse to try to deny it, and you see it all the time amongst my demographic, especially living where I do. Kids pretend to be poor, to be more hard-up than they are in order to avoid being lumped in with the Big Bad Wolf. 

You’re not wolves, and it’s okay that your parents could provide for you. It’s okay that they can help you still. Now don’t be a brat, and come out from those furs. We’re all here. Just be who you are.

Stop complaining for a moment. Stop fear mongering on the internet. Learn about things. Learn about computers and how they work. Learn about electricity, alternative energy, gardening. Learn all you can, little loves. We’ll need people like you in the fast-approaching future.